06/10/20 @ 11:24 am

Name:Karla Rima

Email Address:

Street Address: 3265 Virginia street

Are you a lobbyist?No

Public comment:Regarding street closures: Thank you for considering to include retail in the closures, I know several local small businesses that are very much interested in becoming vendors if an outdoor flea (similar to the spillover flea) was held once or regularly.

06/09/20 @ 3:48 pm

Name:Diego Abreu

Email Address: D48REU@GMAIL.COM

Street Address: 3447 SW 4TH STREET

Are you a lobbyist?No

Public comment:this is a test comment

06/08/20 @ 3:29 pm

Name:Morgan Murphy

Email Address:

Street Address: 21255 Ne 8th Pl

Are you a lobbyist?No

Public comment:Think you guys are doing an awesome job! The bike racks look wonderful!