Date Night Menus In Coconut Grove – Part II

Part two in our series of what to eat on a date, where and why. So that all you have to worry about is getting pretty and being yourself! “Greenstreet is here to hook you up with a late night menu in a romantic setting to keep your date going into the late-late night.” Greenstreet Read More

Date Night Menus In Coconut Grove – Part I

The perfect date night means you’ve successfully juggled all the elements that have to come together for a romantic evening – the lighting, the mood, the drinks and, perhaps most importantly, the food. There’s no faster way to get to someone’s heart than through food. Eating is a sensory experience; hit all the romantic notes with Read More

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Three Surprising Things You Can Buy On Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is home to some of the Grove’s oldest businesses. Today, we thought we’d take a look inside three of the most old school Grove spots on Grand and surprise you wth a few things you didn’t know you could bring home with you after a short walk down historic Grand Avenue: The Maya Read More

Stories Of Polished Coconut’s Ethical Goods

The Polished Coconut is a store in Coconut Grove with a focus on unique goods that are socially responsible and inspired by folklore and indigenous people. In collaboration with more than 200 craftswomen around the world, Polished Coconut has a curated selection of items for your home, wardrobe, and gifts.  Here’s a bit of the Read More

Find A New Hobby at TKS Miami

Right here on McFarlane Road, there’s a store dedicated to a sport that you don’t see on every Main Street USA – TKS Miami is a stylish kitesurfing store. When kitesurfing first came to Miami, two friends dove into the sport and dedicated their lives to giving the sport more reach and access to the Read More