New fitness option for neurology patients providing many benefits

Community Newspapers   One local fitness studio has taken its mission far beyond helping its patrons lose weight, tone up and count calories. And their efforts are greatly assisting an overlooked demographic to live their best lives. Pilates In The Grove, with locations in Coconut Grove and South Miami, is offering a specialized fitness program Read More

Grove Businesses Are Putting the Personal in Personal Fitness

There are those out there who have the motivation and the knowledge to work out on their own – and then there are the rest of us. If you fall into the “can-use-some-help” camp, you aren’t alone.  The many personal fitness-focused businesses of Coconut Grove are here to help you with the attention you need to Read More

At Home Meditation Tips and Coconut Grove Yoga Class Breakdown

Coconut Grove has a long history of fostering a laid-back vibe, a sense of chill bohemianism and a Zen-like energy; tap into your inner peace with a yoga class at one of the area’s top-notch yoga studios. Take a class with a focus on vinyasa style flow, hardcore burn, aerial yoga, handstands and more, all Read More

Specialty Shopping in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove has long been known as a shopping destination. The independently owned boutiques and niche shops make it the perfect place for a leisurely shopping experience where you might even end the day knowing a bit more than you started – always been curious about standup paddleboarding or aviation? This is the place for Read More

Post-Irma Ideas To Get Involved In Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is quickly getting back to normal – businesses are buzzing, our community has come out strong to support our village, and it’s times like these where we’re reminded why Coconut Grove is such a magical place. Hurricane Irma left behind a mess in its wake, but with the help of our clean-up crews Read More

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Beyond Back To School 

Back To School isn’t just for those who are actually going back to school; it’s a full season and energy. Now that the kids are meeting their new teachers, getting used to their new schedules, and digging into fresh textbooks, why don’t we all take a cue and use this time of year to learn Read More

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Three Surprising Things You Can Buy On Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is home to some of the Grove’s oldest businesses. Today, we thought we’d take a look inside three of the most old school Grove spots on Grand and surprise you wth a few things you didn’t know you could bring home with you after a short walk down historic Grand Avenue: The Maya Read More

Kid Friendly Coconut Grove – Part Two

It’s officially summer! If you’re looking for ways to entertain your mini Grovites in Coconut Grove this summer, here is the second part of our series on ideas for kid-friendly ways to spend your time in the Grove: Explore the new Bookstore in the Grove The Bookstore in the Grove has reopened under new management but Read More

Kid Friendly Coconut Grove Part One – Because It’s Summer!

It’s officially summer! If you’re looking for ways to entertain your mini Grovites in Coconut Grove this summer, here are a few ideas for kid-friendly ways to spend your time in the Grove: Unleash Your Inner Artist at ArtBox  ArtBox offers classes from Monday – Saturday for both you and your tiny Picasso to get in touch Read More

Free Yoga! Plus Where To Get The Latest Workout Wear

We’re lucky to enjoy the sunshine most days of the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get that necessary Vitamin D fix. Life gets busy and finding time to enjoy the outdoors, balance it all, plus workout can be stressful. But, like we said, we’re lucky around here and one perk of Read More

Workouts To Get Your Heart Rate Up

We don’t want to use the phrase “bikini body” but we do want to take note that summer is right around the corner. Right around this time of year people usually start looking for ways to sweat – and we don’t just mean walking to your car in 100% the everyday 100% humidity. If you’re Read More

Home Practice (+ Playlist) with Buddha Shack

Jenna of Buddha Shack, the Grove’s latest yoga studio, teaches us an at home yoga practice – with a playlist and everything! – that you can follow along with on the days you can’t make it to class. By the way, if you live in the Grove, follow along on their Instagram for events and Read More

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