Get Started On Holiday Shopping With Golden Bar’s Help

Halloween has come and gone, and while technically, the holidays don’t kick off until after Thanksgiving with Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday!) shopping, we aren’t procrastinators! Don’t put off your holiday shopping until you’re left waiting in lines to park at the mall and making mad dashes to try and find something on time. Read More

maya hatcha coconut grove

Three Surprising Things You Can Buy On Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is home to some of the Grove’s oldest businesses. Today, we thought we’d take a look inside three of the most old school Grove spots on Grand and surprise you wth a few things you didn’t know you could bring home with you after a short walk down historic Grand Avenue: The Maya Read More

Stories Of Polished Coconut’s Ethical Goods

The Polished Coconut is a store in Coconut Grove with a focus on unique goods that are socially responsible and inspired by folklore and indigenous people. In collaboration with more than 200 craftswomen around the world, Polished Coconut has a curated selection of items for your home, wardrobe, and gifts.  Here’s a bit of the Read More

Grove Gallery Guide

Boswell Mouret Fine Art  Most good art is a bit hidden, just waiting to be discovered by the right eye. Boswell Mourot is a soaring double-high gallery, bright and spacious but discreetly hidden on Commodore Plaza with artists ranging from surrealistic oil paintings to paintings capturing the female Africa diaspora. Keep an eye out for Read More

Five Things Your Home Needs Now From The Showroom

Commodore Plaza has a new boutique, The Showroom. It doesn’t fit into a neat category like “home” or “clothes,” because what they’re doing is something special and ambitious. The Showroom doesn’t just show you “stuff.” The store is a stunning curated display of everything you’d need for a certain kind of lifestyle defined by leisure Read More