Taurus Beer & Whiskey House

Taurus Beer & Whiskey House

Taurus is considered among Miami’s oldest, most venerated bars, and certainly the Grove’s most legendary bar. Indeed, it has played an important piece of the Grove’s history, in its many featured roles since its origin in the late 19th century, when the little cottage on the edge of Main Highway was part of the warfront property belonging to the family of Grove pioneer, Commodore Ralph Munroe. At that time, the cottage served as a teahouse for Commodore Munroe’s daughter, Alice, which became a gathering spot for the local gentry. Over the years Taurus evolved from teahouse, to roadhouse, to bar, remaining a favorite gathering spot for artists, actors and luminaries who filtered in from the nearby Coconut Grove Playhouse. Taurus was a frequent haunt of some of the Grove’s most picturesque residents from playwright Eugene O’Neill to folk singer Fred Neil. Re-opened in 2009 for another round, it features an array of beers, a full service bar and a menu of fresh sandwiches and bar delights.

*Dog friendly patio


Business Information

3540 Main Highway

M to F: 4:00 P to 3:00 A

Sa & S: 1:00 P to 3:00 A