Test Smart Powered By PrepWorks

Test Smart Powered By PrepWorks

TEST SMART® offers in-person tutoring at our Learning Centers in Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne, as well as on-site at our local partner schools and in students ‘homes. Powered by PREPWORKS®, virtual tutoring and award-winning online courses are available worldwide. TEST SMART® is an award-winning education technology & tutoring company that combines innovative software, courseware, and reporting capabilities to help students achieve their personal academic best. Whether your student is preparing for middle school, high school or college, TEST SMART® has you covered! Our Certified Instructors are available to tutor all subjects, standardized tests & grade levels, including:

Test Prep:

PSAT/SAT, ACT, SSAT/ISEE/HSPT, AP Exams, SAT Subject Tests, EOC Exams


Mathematics, English & Writing, Science, Social Studies/Civics, Literature

Business Information

3439 Main Highway

M – S, 9:00 A – 9:00 P
In-Person Tutoring: Instructors are available to teach 7 days a week

Office Hours: Management is available Monday – Friday 9:00 A – 6:00 P