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Grand Ave Sidewalk Project

2017 Grand Avenue Sidewalk Renovation Project:

Description:  B30687 – Coconut Grove Business Improvement District – Sidewalk Improvements

Scope of Work:  Replacement of brick pavers along Grand Avenue between Mary St. and 32nd Ave.  Prior completed projects within the boundaries of the Coconut Grove Business District are as follows:  Florida Ave between Mary St. and Virginia St. S-30687.03 – Virginia St. and Mary St. Commodore Plaza between Grand Avenue and Main Highway.

Project Boundaries:  Florida Ave between Mary Street and Virginia Street, Virginia and Mary St between Grand Ave and Florida Ave, Commodore Plaza between Main Highway and Grand Ave, Grand Avenue between Mary St. and 32nd Avenue.

Project Timeline: 8 months from start date

Construction Start: Summer 2017
Projected End Date: Early Spring 2017

Project Fast Facts:

The Removal of 29 hazardous and/or sick trees found along project boundaries

Relocation of 2 trees on Grand Avenue

32 new large shade trees are scheduled to be installed along project boundaries

Silva Cell technology will be installed with every new tree in new tree planter boxes to prevent future uplifting along sidewalks

Leveling and replacement of brick pavers

Some drainage and landscaping improvements

Project begins in front of CocoWalk Garage, continuing west to McDonald St, and then proceeding east on south side of Grand Ave.

Projected 8 month project duration

Phased construction to reduce impact on pedestrians, cyclists, parking, and business owners

Sidewalk improvements are being funded by the Offices of District II and free of charge to the affected property owners



Grand Ave Final Approved Plans Package 



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