About the BID

Coconut Grove Business Improvement District

The BID develops programs to keep the District clean and secure, funds marketing projects, sponsors special events, beautifies the streetscapes, makes capital improvements, collects and disseminates economic development research, facilitates access to parking, fosters new business relationships, and partners with national, state and local organizations.

How did the BID get here?

Florida state statute permits communities who wish to join forces to increase beautification projects along with marketing, public relations, and promotional efforts to hold a ballot election. After an overwhelming majority vote from the Grove’s commercial property owners in November 2008, the Coconut Grove BID was established on April 1, 2009. After a decade of success, the BID was renewed for another ten years in April 2019.

Why have commercial property owners chosen to levy themselves?

One hundred percent of the money raised by the levy goes directly toward improving Coconut Grove. Still, why voluntarily pay more? The answer is simple. Even a beautiful property becomes less appealing to customers if the storefront’s sidewalk contains visible hazards and debris. One of the main purposes of a BID is to help improve the façade of the entire neighborhood.

Question: Why doesn't the City of Miami take care of problems like this?

Answer:   The City of Miami does not have the money to provide this level of service to all of the neighborhoods in the City.

Question: Are there business improvement districts in other cities?

Answer:  There are more than a thousand BIDs in North America. BIDs undertake improvements that cities do not have the budget or capacity to solve.

Question: What else does the BID do for the Coconut Grove?

Answer:  The BID hosts yearly events in Coconut Grove that attract residents, locals and visitors to the area. Landscaping, neighborhood beautification projects, security, and cleanliness are also major initiatives taken on by the BID.

What does the future hold?

The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District will work hand-in-hand with the City of Miami and District 2 Commissioner, Damian Pardo, to oversee the implementation of renovated brick sidewalks for Coconut Grove’s commercial core. This project will rejuvenate the Grove tree canopy with modern tree replacement technologies. As all trees have life spans, replenishing the canopy will ensure people decades from now will be able to enjoy the trees as we do today. The Grove BID is also working to allow property owners and tenants to access funds to improve their building facades and interiors.

Masterplan Project Priorities

In partnership with the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County, the BID has allocated money to subsidize capital projects that improve the district and are aligned with the master planning priorities.

Future projects include district-wide lighting, funding toward the Coconut Grove Playhouse parking garage, waterfront access improvements, and undergrounding of electrical wiring.

The master plan is intentionally flexible and can be modified to keep pace with changing conditions, needs, and desires.

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