Looking to do a Special Event in the Grove? Read Below.


Quick Links

City of Miami Special Events Application Forms: City of Miami Special Events (miamigov.com)

City of Miami Reserve a Park Page: Reserve a Park Facility – Miami (miamigov.com)

City of Miami Temporary Event Permit Page: Request a TEP(miami.gov)

City of Miami COVID-19 Event Guidelines: COVID-19 Event Guidelines(miami.gov)

Coconut Grove BID COVID-19 Event Planning Template: Click Here to Download Event Planning Template


The City of Miami has different applications for different event types.

  • Apply for a Special Event Any event in public space that requires road closures or 300+ attendees.
  • Applying for a Temporary Event: When you host an event on private property, or in a home for more than 100 people.
  • Reserve a Park Facility for an event at a City of Miami ParkNOTE: If you’re going to have live music, mechanical rides, need police, or will host more than 300 people at the park, please continue with the application for a Special Event.


You must COMPLETE the Special Events Application at least fourteen (14) days prior to your event.

Please prepare these documents for the application. Your application will not be processed without these properly formatted documents.

  • A site plan (if event is outside) or floor plans (if event is inside), 11″x17″ mechanically drawn to ¼” scale showing property boundaries with event name, address, date and time printed on all plan page.
  • Life safety plan (by a licensed professional, I.e. an architect or engineer).
  • NOTE: The top right hand corner of your plans needs to be reserved for batch stamp. Space should be 3×3.
  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan. View COVID Guidelines.
  • Business Tax Receipt if you are a for-profit organization and will be charging an entrance fee and/or selling anything (food, beverage, merchandise, etc.)
  • You will need to download, complete, and re-upload the following:

NOTE: Site plans must show the dimensions of the lot and specify the entrances and exits including the dimension (measurements) of the gate. If using tents, you must show their placement, location of portable toilets, location of all tables and chairs should be specified and the names of all surrounding streets. Floor plans must show the square footage of the location being used, the entrances and exits including dimension (size) & emergency exits, location of fire extinguishers, location of stairs (if any), locations of bathrooms, location of all tables and chairs should be specified and the names of surrounding streets.


You may also need:

  • Copy of active Liquor License if serving/selling alcohol.
  • If you plan to erect a tent larger than 10×10, you will have to get a fire safety permit as well.
  • Building permits, if applicable.
  • Additional police, fire, parking information, county forms and more. Our team will let you know what is needed, but you can find some information here. 

You will receive a $50 invoice from The City of Miami for your application. You application will not be processed until payment is received.

Please direct any questions or concerns to marketing@grovebid.com