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There’s a world of marketing possibilities awaiting the members of the Coconut Grove BID. Capitalize on these member marketing benefits to be equipped to not only share your news but also actively engage with our community to create meaningful partnerships, enhance your brand’s visibility, and tap into exciting business opportunities.

When you connect with the BID Marketing and Operations Team you’ll get on the right track and get the most out of your BID membership. To get started, follow these steps:

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Create or update your business profile

Provide your business description, address, images, phone number, and hours to Kristell Hurtado of the BID Marketing Team, and your business will be added as a new listing on the website.

If your business is already a member of the BID and is listed on the website, take a moment to check your listing and if you find that you would like to add, update, or correct information please reach out to Kristell Hurtado.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the pages of the website, where you’ll uncover the secrets of the business directory, the pulse of the events calendar, stories with recent news from the Grove, and so much more.

sign up to receive the grovite

While you’re here on the site, sign up for the Grovite weekly email newsletter via the pop-up form that appears when you first enter the website or,  scroll down and fill out the form in the footer.

By signing up for the Grovite, you’ll unlock a chest of exclusive news and happenings.

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get featured

Your news and updates will be spotlighted in our regular Grovite newsletters and email campaigns, reaching a targeted audience that’s genuinely interested in discovering local businesses like yours.

+12K Subscribers

40% Open Rate

Weekly Grovite Guidelines:

In order for our BID members to be included within the weekly e-newsletter, please submit your information no later than Tuesday, 5:00 p.m. each week.

If you have any questions, please email Kristell Hurtado or call our office at 305-461-5506.

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add events to the events calendar

Save marketing dollars by sharing your events globally in an instant. Follow these steps.

1. Start out on the homepage of and either click the “events” link in the main menu or scroll down to the footer and click the button “Submit an Event”.

2. Click the green Add an Event button on the calendar.

screenshot of Scenethink calendar

3. If this is your first time adding an event, create a sign on with SceneThink, otherwise, login.

scenethink login screen

4. Add a Cover Image for your event and include a short summary, description, and add any additional images or media to your event posting. Save and continue.

5. Submit for Approval. We take pride in our meticulous content curation process, ensuring that all material is thoughtfully selected to meet the highest standards. Rest assured that our expert team will thoroughly review and approve content within 48 hours.

Please reach out to Venus Lovely to learn more about our Events Calendar.

take advantage of our social media channels

Follow all of the BID’s social media platforms, and then email your business’s social media profile links to Kristell Hurtado 

Instagram: @CoconutGroveMiami
Facebook: @CoconutGrove
LinkedIn: @CoconutGroveBusinessImprovementDistrict 
Twitter: @CoconutGroveBID
YouTube: @CoconutGroveBID

Share your latest achievements, updates, and news with us, and we’ll feature your content on our active social media channels.
Unlock the potential of collaborating with fellow local businesses. Our platform facilitates partnerships, enabling you to tap into new markets, cross-promote, and explore innovative ventures that can lead to increased revenue and growth.
Our team of content creators will work closely with you to develop compelling and engaging content that aligns with your brand identity.
We’ll help you identify suitable influencers who align with your values and target audience, driving more awareness and engagement.

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The Coconut Grove BID’s Street Banner Program is a well established and highly visible marketing tool, which promotes and highlights upcoming special events in the Coconut Grove business district.

street crossing banner pictured high above a street in Coconut Grove

Street crossing banners are authorized for special events, City partnership events, and public events or events of substantial community wide interest sponsored by non-profit organizations in the Coconut Grove special events district.

Apply for a Street Banner Here



Must submit two files, one for each of the sizes.

Vertical Orientation: 1920px H x 1080px W Horizontal Orientation: 1080px H x 1920px W


Final files should be delivered one week prior to contracted start date.

Please email Venus Lovely to learn more about Ike Digital Kiosks.

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be part of our events

As a member of the Coconut Grove BID, you have the chance to take part in our dynamic community events, establish valuable partnerships with neighboring businesses, extend your influence to a broader audience, and enhance your brand’s prominence.
Join us to unlock a realm of collaborative opportunities and magnify your impact within the Coconut Grove neighborhood.

Please email Venus Lovely to learn more about our special events.

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