BID’s Block-By-Block Keeps the Scene Clean in Central Grove

July 10, 2024

Let’s face it, people tend to judge a book by its cover – and it appears Coconut Groves’s got a very good story to tell.

With a mission of making people feel good about their time – and money – spent in the Grove with family, friends, and co-workers, the BID’s Block-By-Block Team consistently and meticulously walks the Business Improvement District to identify areas needing repair work, cleaning, and general tidying up.

The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District also collaborates with multiple outside agencies, utility companies, and city and county government to facilitate and expedite necessary repairs along our streets, sidewalks, and common areas.

The following are projects currently being managed by the BID’s Block-By-Block team, headed up by Operations Manager Sully Silva.

  • Our Block-By-Block team works closely with the City of Miami’s Rapid Response team – an initiative spearheaded by District 2 Commission Damien Pardo that assists residents with such matters as fallen trees, bulk trash removal, etc. Following a serious storm event last month, the Block-by-Block team worked closely with the Rapid Response to removed mounds of fallen tree limbs and other debris near the Coconut Grove Branch Library. In addition, they were assisted by Miami Parking Authority in the removal of 10 truckloads of debris between Darwin Street and Bayshore Drive.
  • Dog poop can be a really stinky problem on popular dog walking routes – especially along Florida Ave. Residents are being reminded that they may ask Block-by-Block ambassadors for doggie bags that they carry on them all day long. Ask and thou shall receive!
  • With help of reporting from the SMART system, a large pothole that developed on Main Highway and Charles Avenue was rapidly filled. Bamm! (Or rather, no more Bamm!)
  • Pooling water following a significant rain event is an ongoing issue for commuters all across South Florida and Coconut Grove is no exception – but it can be managed. Our Block-By-Block Team is constantly vigilant in addressing this matter by cleaning street drains and removing the unsightly and unsafe puddles by sweeping and other means. They are presently looking at electric pump options. We’ll keep you posted.
  • The Block-By-Block Team continues to monitor the area around the closed Miami Art School on Commodore, where people break in to spray unsightly graffiti. To help mitigate this problem, the BID is looking at options to beautify that entrance area. Stay tuned.
  • Repair and replacement of multiple banner signs bracketed to light poles.
  • Updating Coconut Grove branding signage throughout the District.
  • The Block-By-Block team focuses daily on smaller problem spots along our sidewalks but turns to providers for help when large swaths of uneven pavers emerge. Please reach out if you notice a problem area near your business. Meanwhile, look out for caution signs surrounding these work areas.
  • Managing repair and replacement of rubber mulch and Flexipave along Main Highway.
  • Painting and repositioning bicycle racks based on usage demand.
  • Spearheading replacement of damaged traffic signs (i.e., pedestrian and stop signs).
  • Ongoing efforts: Cleaning of debris covering stormwater drains, power washing/refreshing of trash receptacles, and repair of potholes.

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