Greenstreet Cafe

Greenstreet Cafe

Greenstreet Outdoor Lounge and Restaurant, Coconut Grove’s premiere “see and be seen” restaurant, was founded by husband and wife team, Sylvano and Maida Bignon. Throughout the years, their European background has influenced them to create the GreenStreet “Philosophy,” making their place evolve into a “Lifestyle.” A friendly atmosphere illustrated by a large sign, handwritten on a mirror saying “Where there is Love, there is Life”! It is a rare day not to encounter local politicians, artists, athletes or simply thousands of locals enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, just sitting for a glass of wine, taking a break from their dog walk, having a business meeting, a baby shower – or simply relaxing on a sofa, for a late night amongst friends. Some people invent reasons to come here, just to be there several times a day – come on in!

We have a dog-friendly patio.

Business Information

3468 Main Hwy

Sun to T: 7am – 12:30am

W to Sa: 7am – 2am