Jaguar Therapeutics

Jaguar Therapeutics

Jaguar Therapeutics is a multidisciplinary facility located in Coconut Grove currently offering chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and exercise physiology.

The state-of-the-art facility boasts advanced health techniques delivered by premiere physicians in their various fields. Jaguar Therapeutics is the official health-care facility for USA Sailing Team and contains the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment in southern Florida. Their goal is to provide the highest standard of care – not only to their athletic clients, but also to the residents of Coconut Grove and its surrounding communities.

You will find that the services offered are cost-effective and the education received is second to none!

Business Information

3305 Rice Street

M to Th: 7:30am – 8pm
F: 7am – 4:30pm
Sa: 8am – 2pm