Silly Monkeys Playhouse

Silly Monkeys Playhouse

Welcome to Silly Monkeys, where parents and children communicate and connect through playing, discovering and socializing.

Silly Monkeys Playhouse is a special place for infants and toddlers to explore every avenue of their imagination through our MUSIC-ART-DISCOVERY-PLAY program. Silly Monkeys Playhouse has specifically designed classes for children from birth to 4 years of age to help stimulate their natural tendencies towards music, art, discovery and play. Classes include songs, chants, small and large movements, painting , specialty props, puppets, sensory and discovery play. Along with their state-of-the-art playground designed for developing balance, gross motor skills, muscle and joint awareness, social skills and don’t forget FUN.

Parents/Caregivers play a crucial role discovering the magic of music, art and play together with there children. The program is fun and is rotated biweekly to create constant stimulation; which builds character, communication, social development , parental bonds, and encourages learning through exploration and playing.


Business Information

3310 Virginia Street
Mon: 9am-12pm
Tues: 9am-5:30pm
Wed: 9am-3pm
Thu: 9am-6pm
F-S: 9am-12pm
Sun Closed