Chug’s, a Cuban Diner

two young people enjoying eating in a booth at Chugs


Chug’s, a Cuban Diner

Have you ever experienced a Cuban household around Christmas time? You can smell the caja China roasting and hear Beny More or Celia Cruz’s greatest hits playing in the background. Typically, there is a table with four people yelling at each other and shouting “pollooonnnaaaa” while slamming dominoes on the table. More often than not, they laugh it off, play another game and do it all over again. People are drinking beer and wine while eating Cuban bread with red rind Gouda. It is a pretty glorious experience that instills a real sense of family, community and Cuban culture. My Name is Michael Beltran, but my friends know me as “Chug”. This is my little slice of home that I would love to share with you. So have a cortadito, a pastelito and maybe a croqueta or two. Take a seat, play dominoes, and enjoy the music. Most importantly, make yourself at home.

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